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Coffee vs Tea

Coffee or Tea? A few years ago the answer to this question would undoubtedly be tea. This quintessential English drink is as ingrained in our society as much as a Sunday Roast, Wimbledon and Coronation Street. At the first sign of trouble we often hear the words “I’ll put a cuppa on”. Its magical properties for righting the worlds wrongs is legendary. However all is not as rosy as it seems (sorry for the pun). Coffee has not only caught up but overtaken tea as the nations favourite drink.

Coffee is the world’s second largest commodity, beaten only by oil. But this trend was always reserved for other countries. Never England. Yes we liked coffee but tea, with our dainty cups and poking pinkies painted the English stereotype that was known throughout the world.

Worldwide coffee consumption

Apparently not any more though. From 2012 to the end of 2013 sales of tea fell by 6% while sales of coffee in high street stores reached £1 billion, more than double the amount of tea. Coffee it would seem is on the rise.


So we got to wondering, why is this? Why has coffee become so popular over recent years? Is it the theatre of ordering a coffee and receiving something artistic in return, complete with swirls, twirls and sprinkles? Is it the rather invigorating effects of caffeine, or is it simply the taste?

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