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New Joe Black Coffee Blog

Welcome to the new Joe Black Coffee Blog where over the coming weeks, months and years we’ll be trying to replicate online the same principles and values that we’ve been doing with our coffee for the last 50 years – appeal to coffee lovers everywhere.

Whether you’re new to coffee, an ardent connoisseur or simply up late at night after one too many espressos, your opinions, thoughts, views and feedback on this blog are always welcome and appreciated. If there’s anything we can do to improve, or if you would like us to discuss a particular topic, feel free to get in touch. In fact we hope you do.

This blog will not only focus on what’s happening at Joe Black Coffee, but will take a wider look at the coffee industry and some of the more unusual developments. From how coffee was accidently discovered by a herd of Ethiopian goats, to how it could be used as an alternative fuel for the future.

Coffee, which many of us view as a normal part of our daily routine, has shaped the world in a variety of amazing ways. From the introduction of the earliest cafes in the Arabian Peninsula it continues to play an integral role in our culture. It provides the means for discussion, socialising and the almost innumerable cafes are places where people to this day still come together. Admittedly coffeehouses did provide the backdrop for the planning of the French and American revolutions, but we can’t hold coffee solely accountable for Napoleon’s political ambition.

With coffee the second largest commodity in the world after oil, one thing is very clear, we love it. It’s this passion that we hope to replicate and build a vibrant community full of discussion that’s indicative of cafes around the world. We hope you enjoy this blog in the future and would love to hear from you, we can even supply the coffee!