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Know your grind for the perfect coffee at home!

When buying coffee to drink at home what do you use?

Do you know what to look for?

Do you know there are different ways to grind the coffee depending on what you use?

‘Moka Pot’

If you want to make a cappuccino or a latte at home your best bet is to use a ‘Moka Pot’ or ‘Cowboy Coffee Pot’ these have been used for decades in homes around the world. These pots give you the next best thing to an espresso out of an espresso maker without breaking the bank. Then all you need to do is heat and foam your milk and hey presto, coffee at home is one step closer! When buying coffee for your ‘Moka Pot’ you need to let us know that you’re using a pot so that we can grind it correctly for you, we will grind it in between espresso and filter to make sure that you get the best cup of coffee.

Drip Filter

These are the ones that look like a cup, they are used with little filters so you can make the perfect cup of coffee and use the amount of coffee you need for a perfect cup at home. These won’t be as strong as the moka pot as there is no pressure at all going through the coffee so if you prefer to just have a black coffee or just a touch of milk, this choice would be perfect for you. It’s as simple as putting the dripper over your cup, popping in a filter and coffee then pouring over the water. So for those days when you just need that caffeine boost quickly, this is a good go-to.
Just ask for filter ground coffee.


These are really common and most homes have at least one ‘cafetiere/press/plunger’ coffee and know what they are. They are really easy to use you just put your coffee in the bottom and pour on your water, let it steep, stir, press and pour. These are great for everyday coffee and lovely with a touch of cream and a little bit of Jameson for an after-dinner tipple. Just ask for Cafetiere ground.

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