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Barista Training

We can provide barista training both on and off site. Our premises in Bootle are fully equipped to provide ‘off site’ training and the opportunity to see coffee being roasted.

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Each level of our training will make you want to know more and more about coffee… Knowledge is
The more we know about the products, the equipment and how to use them to their full potential,
only then will our final product be the very best it can be.


Level 1 Bronze £100.00 plus vat

  • How to look after your espresso machine
  • Beans, grinds and grinders
  • Making the perfect espresso
  • Texturing the milk
  • How to make your standard drinks menu
  • How to up-sell in your business


Level 2 Silver £100.00 plus vat

  • Coffee plant families and their differences
  • Processing methods
  • Espresso balance
  • Recognising different tastes, notes and tones
  • Milk: components and production
  • Milk: consistency, free-pouring, Latte art


Level 3 Gold £100.00 plus vat

  • Cupping
  • Blind tasting
  • Understanding bean processes and decaffeination
  • Understanding financial management
  • Equipment: Machine maintenance and the importance of the water you use
  • Difference of using certain equipment and how to set/ program
  • In-depth Latte art
  • Knowledge and problem solving


We can only offer the next level of training once the previous level is completed with us or an
associated provider. Sessions are for a maximum of 6 people.

All training is provided by our in-house SCAE certified professionals.

Contact us or call a member of the friendly Sales team on 0151 922 8003


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