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MA-RI Coffee & Bay Rum Body Scrub


luxury Body Scub made using Joe Black Coffee’s finest coffee.


The awakening with get up and go, enriched with aromatic spices, exactly what you would expect to find in this tantalising combination of fragrances. A warming blend of rum, nutmeg, vanilla and bay. This lusty fragrance infused with fresh roasted coffee beans from Joe Black Coffee, providing a most excellent exfoliant packed with age-fighting nutrients, helping to cleanse off dead skin layers, improve circulation, leaving your skin soft and younger-looking. A morning ritual to look forward to.

What we love: This infusion of fragrance mixed with black fresh coffee is a great soap for an early start.

A great choice:  For that fresh and alert feeling on busy days.

97% Natural ingredients, suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Net weight: 4oz – 110g


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