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MA-RI Lemon, Lime & Seaweed Body Scrup


Luxury body scrub made using Joe Black Coffee’s finest Green Tea.


A light, refreshing citrus aromatic fragrance blended organic seaweed and Green Tea from Joe Black Coffee, makes this soap the perfect tonic for diminishing fatigue, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and engerised. It can literally restore your zest for life. The addition of seaweed means it exfoliates the skin and encourages new skin growth. Said to be beneficial for acne, arthritis, colds, concentration, fungus, cuts, depression, insect bites, oily skin and hair, strengthening fingernails and wrinkles.

What we love: Its invigoration smell and ability to reduce fatigue and acne.

A great choice for: Awakening the senses and putting you on the right track first thing in the morning. A must-have bar to keep in the shower.

Chakra: 3rd Solar plexus, 5th Throat & 7th crown

All-natural ingredients . Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Net weight: 4oz – 110g


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