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Chocolate and Coffee Cupcakes (with Coffee Caramel)

What’s a better way to celebrate the advent of spring then with these sweet and indulgent cupcakes? There’s no reason not to have chocolate with Easter on the way, and the delicious coffee flavour will have you bright eyed and bushy tailed, perfect to embrace the warming weather. Makes 12 little cakes, or nine fatter ones.Sponge115 gram/4oz caster sugar115gram/4oz butter85gram/3oz self-raising flour30 grams/1oz cocoa powder2 eggs, beaten1 tsp coffee extractA generous splash of strong Joe Black coffeeCoffee CaramelMakes enough for leftovers- excellent for pouring over ice cream.225 gram/8oz caster sugar2 tablespoon golden sugar2 tsp coffee extract50 gram/2oz butter140 ml double…

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